Linn Selekt - The most modular amplifier in the world!

Linn Selekt - The most modular amplifier in the world!

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Linn believes that music isn’t just something to be enjoyed in isolation, it’s something to be shared – and that’s exactly what they’re able to do. Linn products are able to fill your home with rich, detailed audio, bringing the joy of music to everyone in your household, and bringing us all a little closer together.

After five decades of designing and manufacturing impeccable Hi-Fi pieces, Linn goes to great lengths to bring you the most perfect musical reproduction possible, something that you’ll soon realise once you hear their results in your own music. No matter who you’re with, or where you are in your home Linn brings your music everywhere, with stunning quality.

‘A Linn system isn’t just something to enjoy now. It’s an investment that will enrich your whole life.’

So, why buy a Linn?

Made in Scotland, all Linn products are backed with a five-year warranty.

Linn products are calibrated with their trademark Space Optimisation technologies, that sonically remaps your room to take into account the walls, ceiling, floors, furniture, and different types of materials, to determine how much sound energy is reflected, and how long it takes to dissipate. These technologies even adjust for the ambient temperature of your room as audio can be impacted by the temperature that it is being played at – I know, I didn’t believe it either!

Normally, I offer Space Optimisation installation in the three capital cities on Australia’s Eastern seaboard (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane) and I’m very much looking forward to commencing this again when our lockdowns are lifted.

Enter the Selekt DSM, the most configurable streamer ever.

Integrating seamlessly with TIDAL, Qobuz and streaming virtually any digital source over a standard network, the Selekt DSM will change the way you look at digital music. Revealing new layers to your audio, the Selekt DSM will help you fall in love with your music again.

Much like the LP12, the Linn Selekt DSM is fully modular and fully updatable, which is great for our sustainable future. Why should you have to buy a new product simply because the manufacturers had a new idea? With the Linn Selekt DSM you can simply update your model with a new module when it is released.

The Linn Selekt DSM is the most modular streamer on the market. Configure the Selekt DSM for surround sound, pair it with your favourite amplifier, or connect it to your gaming console!

Linn is a brand that is very important to me personally. I have over ten years of experience in selling and installing Linn products, as well as providing the advice on which Linn piece will fit in your system best.

I’ve met Linn founder Ivor Tiefenbrun while attending international Linn conferences overseas, as well as hosting Linn events around Australia. Personally, I own a Linn LP12 turntable and a Klimax DSM and can personally attest to their excellence – I know Linn very well, and am a great choice to buy Linn products from!

Due to the widespread, high demand for the product, combined with the logistics issues going on in the world at the moment, the Linn Selekt DSM is currently a pre-order item – please call me for availabilities and to discuss your trade ins.

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