Quantum results with Samsung's Neo QLED

As lovers of Hi-Fi, we all know how great it feels when we’re able to discover another hidden detail within our music. Samsung’s Neo QLED Smart TV’s give you the same feeling, but for your films and TV shows.

The Neo QLED Smart TV uses Samsung’s Quantum Trademark Technology, a series of quantum dots between the backlight and LCD display. This technique adds vibrancy to your screen, accentuating the contrast within the image. As a result, the blacks seem deeper, the contrast is higher and your image is sharper. This technology is considered the pinnacle of ultrafine light control, and for good reason – the image is spectacular.

Being a QLED TV, the Quantum Dot technology within the Neo QLED Smart TV brings a world of colour to your screen, placing you right in the middle of the action. With the anti-glare technology, you can now enjoy your films in a variety of different conditions, day or night, sunny or cloudy.

The audio of this TV is really something to talk about, with Samsung's Object Tracking Sound +, the ground breaking sound technology that follows objects on screen. Dedicated up-firing and side-firing speakers are designed to create an immersive sound experience that puts you right in the middle of the action. If you’re looking to bring your films to life again the Samsung Neo QLED Smart TV is the TV for the job!

The stylish design of the Neo QLED TV will feel at home in any space, in any home. The slim profile of the Neo QLED will seamlessly fit in your living room without being too overbearing – this TV won’t steal the show until it’s turned on!

Highlight the detail in your favourite films in breath-taking Quantum HDR 32x resolution by picking up a Samsung Neo QLED TV.

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