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It was only a few years ago that if you wanted to watch your favourite TV shows or movies at home, you'd need to buy or rent the DVD, before taking it home playing it on your DVD/Blu-Ray player. However, in recent years, streaming subscription services like Netflix, Stan or Disney + have become more and more popular, rendering the classic DVD disc to be considered obsolete by many of us.

Although streaming media is now considered the norm, or at least the main choice for viewing media, there are plenty of reasons the classic DVD isn’t as obsolete as Netflix would have you believe. Classic features like director commentary, special features, deleted scenes and alternate endings were all stored DVD/Blu-Ray discs, to separate the at home viewer from the cinema viewer – the disc gave you access to something extra cinema-goers didn’t get to see.

Personally, I’ve still got a collection of DVDs and Blu-Ray discs of my favourite films and TV shows, and up until recently I didn’t have anything to play them on. Much like my vinyl collection I take pride in the DVD’s and Blu-Ray copies I own, as they are a snapshot of my film and TV tastes over the course of my life. But it’s not just their sentimental value, just like Vinyl records to audio, Blu-Ray discs hold a higher quality video file than streaming services are able to offer their subscribers. If you don’t have a DVD/Blu-Ray player you’re missing out on this extra quality hidden on your old discs.

This raises the question, if DVD's and Blu-Ray discs have so much potential, how can you unlock it and bring this video quality to your screen at home?

Reavon produce exceptional universal Blu-Ray players, engineered for the ideal disc playback. Both the UBR-X100 and UBR-X200 are compatible with the latest Dolby Vision format, and as universal players are compatible with 4K UHD Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray 3D, DVD, DVD Audio, CD, SACD and music, video and audio files. On top of this, these players see past region locking, meaning you can play your discs from any country without having to alter the region settings.


Aside from the specifics of their products, the best thing that Reavon is able to remind us all is that these DVD's and Blu-ray discs belong to younot Netflix. Subscriptions are exactly that, and as much as we can watch our favourite film on Netflix over and over, we don't actually own it - we're renting it every time. This is fine for the films we're interested in watching once, but for the films that define us, that make it into our top 3 films of all time, doesn't it make more sense to own the best version of it?

 If you’re looking to take your home theatre to the next level, Reavon will reintroduce you to your favourite DVD and Blu-Ray discs, bringing them to life like never before, and certainly better than any streaming subscription service ever could.

If you're tired of feeling bound by the list of titles on your video streaming service then take back control of what you want to watch with a Reavon Universal Player. Put your own collection on display in stunning quality with Reavon!

Click here to continue your journey of enjoying DVD's and Blu-Ray discs.

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