Analysis Plus: High end audio products for music lovers, musicians and even NASA.

Imagine being commissioned by the largest cable manufacturer in the world to test and analyse their products for marketing purposes. Imagine that through your tests, you discovered that it was simply the design of the cable that was the reason they weren’t performing at their best. Imagine discovering that the entire physics of audio transfer within cables has been looked at the wrong way since the beginning.

Originally founded in 1992, Analysis Plus, design and produce incredible, unique audio cables designed to minimise resistance and optimise audio quality for both the music production/pro audio industry and high-end home audio market.

Analysis Plus is known across the pro audio industry for their patented, high-end cables and connectors preferred by musicians, producers and technicians around the world. Musicians such as John MayerKenny LogginsHunter Hayes choose Analysis Plus to carry their iconic sounds throughout their musical equipment.

As well as supporting world famous musicians, Analysis Plus cables are designed to bring a professional audio quality to your home Hi-Fi system. For this very reason, Analysis Plus is the obvious choice for the serious music lover for their high-end home audio who is looking for the very best.

If this wasn’t already enough to state their acclaim, Analysis Plus cables have also been used by NASA.

The hollow oval design of Analysis Plus cables allows the conductor to be used more efficiently. As a result, the resistance does not go up with frequency, allowing you to hear what you were missing. This principle is used throughout the entire Analysis Plus product range, and is the reason why their hollow oval cable, sound and perform better than other products – not to mention they look great!

Analysis Plus, is helping you eliminate the frustration of waiting for your cables in lockdown.

The most important thing to remember when shopping for Analysis Plus cables during this lockdown period is standard cable lengths are able to be shipped straight away, however if it's out of stock or a custom length I can guarantee you'll receive it to your door within two weeks of placing your order.

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