What is better than one subwoofer? Two subwoofers.

What is better than one subwoofer? Two subwoofers.

Save an extra 10% when you buy two Velodyne Subwoofers together.


We often describe bass as being non directional, and therefore believe we can get away with only having one subwoofer in our systems. However, when we add in a second subwoofer, and create a stereo sub effect, the benefits to your soundstage increase dramatically.

Since 1983, Velodyne Acoustics have been ‘subwoofer specialists’ designing and producing subwoofers that deliver a unique low-frequency foundation delivering deep powerful bass that brings life to your audio, and home theatre.

Since the beginning, Velodyne has always maintained the ability to use the latest technologies in the design and construction of their subwoofers, ensuring their loudspeakers remain consistently excellent. Their passion for the technology used in their loudspeakers in clear as Velodyne is one of the subwoofer manufacturers that holds the most patents in the audio segment today.

Enter the Velodyne Acoustics Deep Blue Series.

Combining the trademark emphatic bass with the state of the art technology of Velodyne Acoustics subwoofers, the Deep Blue Series lets you feel the complete ‘Velodyne experience’ in a living room-friendly format. The frequency response of the front-firing drivers, designed from the ground up, extends deep into the frequency basement for impressive home theatre experiences.

With drivers ranging from 8 to 15 inches, the Deep Blue series offers the right subwoofer for every set-up.

These loudspeakers are also fantastic in any space. The Deep Blue subwoofers can be easily adapted to any room with their adjustable levels and crossover frequency and phase, while the enclosed cabinet is made of solid MDF material, preventing any distortion or vibration.

As an introductory offer, and to improve your soundstage you’ll now save 10% when you purchase two Velodyne Acoustics Deep Blue Series subwoofers. This is an additional discount to your discount code as a subscriber to my newsletter.

When purchasing two Deep Blue Series subwoofers, The 10% discount will be visible once you arrive at the cart.

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