Pass Labs - The Purest in Amplification

Pass Labs - The Purest in Amplification

The next addition to my brand portfolio at HeyNow Hi-Fi is a feat in audio reproduction technology.

Pass Laboratories was founded by Nelson Pass in 1991, and specialises in producing stunningly pure amplifiers. In the beginning, Pass Laboratories developed prototypes of a single ended Class A amplifier design. The prototype went on to be highly acclaimed and was even called the “Amplifier of the Decade” in Stereophile Magazine.

Now, 30 years later, Pass Laboratories is renown for their ability to create the finest Class A and Class A/B audio products in the world.

So, you might ask what’s the difference?

The class of the amplifier refers to the point at which the transistors within the amplifier are biased.

In a Class A amplifier, a positive voltage is used to control and regulate the flow of electrons, as a result the circuit will always have current flowing through. Conversely, Class AB amplifiers use a negative 'bias' to actually turn the transistor off during part of their cycle. The consistent operation of the transistor in a Class A amplifier means that the sound reproduction is incredibly pure – reproducing every detail in the information that has been fed into the amp.

All the tech aside, the difference a Class A amplifier makes to your final audio is truly astonishing. By partnering a Pass Laboratories Class A amplifier with your favourite pair of competent loudspeakers, you’ll have the purest, most engaging listening experience you’ve ever had.

Click here to see my full range of Pass Laboratories products on my website – they will change the way you look at amplification.

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