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Designed and made in Sweden all Moonriver units are handmade in a meticulously precise process. A brand that focuses on research, Moonriver’s extensive listening tests are essential to ensuring their products feature a ‘no-compromise audiophile sound’.

As a result of three years of research, testing, and perfecting, the Model 404 is Moonriver’s answer to an integrated amplifier that can achieve incredible performance regardless of price range. The 404 amplifier is able to extract all of the hidden details in your music, regardless of audio format, while the substantial supply section ensures healthy power is available at all times and at all stages. 

The 404 also features a fully discrete preamp section, which delivers strong dynamic awareness, while a high output stage that is custom-optimized for bandwidth and distortion warrants for neutral predisposition and transient fidelity.

The 404 features an overall classic design with a modern touch. The 404 has a superb build quality with high quality materials like the aluminium knobs, solid walnut cheeks, and sturdy enclosure. The user interface is minimal, with no hidden components or awkward menus to navigate. Instead, the 404 only has four knobs and three switches on the face of the unit giving you access to any function.

Moonriver 404 amplifier is modular by nature; it can accommodate an MM or MM/MC phono stage and a USB asynchronous DAC. Fitting these modules is simple and can take place at any time, on or after purchase. The USB DAC may also be upgraded with a newer version to meet future needs.

Moonriver has two variations of the 404 integrated amplifier. The 404 Integrated Amplifier and the 404 Reference. Both of these integrated amplifiers have the same timeless design and power output rating, yet the 404 Reference’s power supplies have twice as much capacitance as the 404. This allows the 404 Reference to handle incoming signals slightly better than the 404, and to deliver more detail, dynamics and texture, while producing deeper more commanding bass.

In order to ensure your home furniture and décor doesn’t need to be compromised, these integrated amplifiers have in built balance control for speakers that are unable to be placed in the room symmetrically. This simple tweak in the amplifier will create a huge difference to your soundstage, without the need to fully redecorate your home.

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