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Without question, your cables are the most underrated component in any Hi-Fi system. They have the huge responsibility to carry the information between each of your components as efficiently as possible without losing any data along the way. Regardless of what type of information needs to be transferred, a good set of cables needs to act as a bridge between your components, without losing or adding colour to said information.

USA cable manufacturer Wireworld has designed, manufactured and perfected their products through the process of objective listening tests. By utilising the CES Innovations Award winning Cable Comparator, Wireworld tests their products in the most efficient way to measure their audio preservation.

Wireworld’s objective testing process involves comparing one of their cables to a virtually perfect test control, a direct connection between components. As a result, these listening tests are far more revealing as they are completed in perfect audio conditions.

In the past I’ve often focused on audio-centric cables, products that will help your music travel throughout your system. However, this week I thought I would take a look at the importance of a cable that transports much more complex data: the ethernet cable.

Enter the Starlight Cat 8 ethernet cable from Wireworld.

Due to its flat design, this cable doesn’t look like your typical ethernet cable, however this design isn’t just to set the Starlight apart from the rest of the cables out there. The flat design and parallel conductor results in a super high transmission speed from the Starlight Cat8, while still ensuring no colouration or noise is present when the information arrives at its destination.

The Starlight ethernet cable features Twinaxe cabling: a design containing two inner conductors instead of just the one found in regular co-axial ethernet cables. With three models, Wireworld’s Starlight ethernet cables offer the choice of copper, silver clad or solid silver conductors to meet the needs of every system and budget.

“But I already have an ethernet cable that works fine, why should I invest in another?”

This is one of those questions which seems reasonable if you haven’t experienced a higher quality ethernet cable for yourself.

Picture this, it’s Friday-night-movie-night and you're streaming your favourite film to your TV. Just its climax your TV goes all blurry, and your audio begins to skip or sound tinny.

"Ugh, my internet is so slow" you exclaim to yourself.

Sound familiar? This scenario is often blamed on slow internet, but in most cases, this is simply loss of information because your wi-fi or ethernet cable isn’t able to support the content you’re putting into it. I can assure you, simply by connecting a Wireworld Starlight ethernet cable to from your router to your TV/DAC/Streamer you’ll never have to worry about information loss or facing this scenario again!

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