Next Step Up - Copland CSA 150

I’ve spoken about Danish audio brand Copland in my newsletter before, where I mentioned that the CSA 100 integrated amplifier was a fantastic contender for an entry point into Copland products. Well, we now have the next level up…

Enter the CSA 150.

This integrated amplifier is based on the synectic design concept, which (according to Copland themselves) combines the advantages of tube and transistor amplifiers into one hybrid integrated amp.

On the CSA 150, one tube is responsible for the linear amplification, meanwhile the dual triode takes care of the voltage amplification. The MOS-FET (metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor) circuit, is responsible for the powerful, driving force behind the linear stage. It is through this collaboration between voltage-controlled tubes and transistor tubes that Copland is able to take advantage of the benefits of both tube and transistor amps within the one unit.

Unlike its predecessor, I have found that the CSA 150 does create more warmth to the final audio, but not so much that it’s overbearing. Instead, the CSA 150 provides just enough colour to bring the music to life, but in turn packs a more of a powerful punch than the CSA 100.

The CSA 150 is quite a large step up from the CSA 100, and is now available instore for a demonstration. For more information on the CSA150, click the link here to view the product on my website.

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