Sit back and relax with Manhattan Seating

Seating is one of the most important parts of any home cinema, as the choice of seat is often what separates your own private theatre, from someone else’s couch in their lounge room, sporting a large high-definition TV.

Manhattan seats are Australian owned, and Australian designed. Manhattan produces five different models of home theatre seating, all completely customisable, coming in three different levels of comfort: firm, standard or soft.

One of the things that drew me to Manhattan seats is that they're a brand that doesn't solely rely on leather for their seating finishes. Being a pescatarian myself, I love that Manhattan offer some superb fabric options for their seating, as well as leather – for those who enjoy a more traditional finish.

Being fully customisable, Manhattan seats allow additional options such as cup holders, tables, and even a Crowson Tactile Motion system, which moves the seats with every thump of the bass - allowing you to physically experience the film without disturbing the whole household.

The entire range of Manhattan Seats also comes with a comprehensive five-year warranty.

The Manhattan Comfort Series are now up on my website, with the other four series to be uploaded soon. If you’re in Melbourne get in contact with me to make a time to try out these amazing seats. All five series are available for demonstration.

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