Into the Abyss

Into the Abyss

Abyss hold themselves to be the finest headphones on the market today – and after having just received them in stock at HeyNow Hi-Fi, it’s not hard to see why!

Abyss’s most popular range of headphones, the DIANA, sports two models – the V2 and the Phi. Both of these headphones are built to exemplify luxury and style. As well as looking great, these headphones are also incredibly comfortable.

Inside the DIANA headphones are Patented planar speaker drivers, modelled after the incredibly famous AB-1266 – the headphones widely considered to be the finest headphones available today.

The planar speaker drivers deliver a deep bass, and smooth clear highs, while emphasising very real mid-range vocals, guitar and piano.

The DIANA headphone lets you enjoy music as life in a classy timeless design.

The other pair of Abyss headphones available in stock at HeyNow Hi-Fi is the AB-1266 Phi TC. These headphones hold the virtues from the original AB-1266 mentioned earlier, while still managing to improve the clarity from the source. As a result, these headphones produce the highest resolution of audio in any pair of headphones ever made.

For many of us, most headphones can almost feel like an escape – a chance to easily listen to our music without disturbing those around us. Abyss headphones offer you so much more than this – opening up your music and taking you to new places that your loudspeakers can never take you.

If headphones are your primary source of audio consumption, and you’re looking for a pair of remarkable headphones Abyss headphones aren’t just the best available, they’re the endgame of headphones; the last pair you’ll ever need.

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