The best for your budget: ELAC Debut Reference

The best for your budget: ELAC Debut Reference

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For anyone looking for a new speaker, it can seem intimidating to know where to begin. With so much to choose from in the market, many of us find it to be very hard to pick a speaker that both looks and sounds the part, while also fitting into your budget.

If this sounds like your current dilemma, the ELAC Debut Reference is the solution.

Expanding from the iconic Debut Series, the ELAC Debut Reference has made substantial audio and visual improvements from its predecessor.

There’s a reason these speakers are considered the best budget speakers on the market today.

The ELAC Debut Reference speakers have an improved high frequency response, thanks to a newly developed waveguide and a more open grill design, while also reducing cabinet colouration with a full perimeter brace adjoining the top and side panels.

Along with all these technical features, the Debut Reference is also quite visually striking. Its contemporary modern design comes in two colour options: white with an oak cabinet, or a black with a walnut cabinet. Both colour combinations are simple, yet sophisticated and will easily fit in with any modern furniture or décor.

In particular, it’s the midrange of the Elac Reference Debut speakers that is the most outstanding. The speakers deliver a clear and delicate sound, bringing out subtle tones in vocals that is comparable with speakers at a much higher price point.

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