PS Audio Stellar Strata - Your perfect all-in-one integrated amplifier.

Do you have a pair of speakers with nothing to plug them into?

Are you looking for something that puts more power into your music?

Have you been looking for a new integrated amplifier, DAC and or music streamer for your Hi-Fi system?

As audiophiles, we often find the hardest part of our system (or at least the area of most complication) is the connecting and linking of our different components. Sure, if you’ve got the time and the energy to meticulously connect all your components together, you’ll build your own incredible audio experience, but if just one of these components isn’t connected properly your entire experience can be ruined.

The PS Audio Stellar Strata is the simple solution, combining everything you need for a powerful listening experience and connecting it directly to your favourite loudspeakers.

The Stellar Strata combines a brilliant analogue preamplifier, DAC, 150 watt per channel power amplifier, and a high-resolution music streamer all in one. With GainCell technology at the heart of the pre-amp and three selectable digital filters in the DAC, the Stellar Strata allows the user to customise the filters to reach their perfect sound.

High resolution streaming is easy, as the Stellar Strata is compatible with Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify, Napster, iHeartRadio or Music Shares on a local network, streaming audio files up to 96kHz.

I really do think this is a fantastic amplifier. After playing around with the superb digital filters on the built-in DAC, I was able to finely tune my levels to create a warmer and more detailed sound. The depth and level of adjustment the Stellar Strata has to your audio is truly remarkable, and will easily match that of a Hi-Fi system with a large number of separate components.

I’m a big advocate for simplicity in any Hi-Fi system, and having a product that offers so much variety to your music, without any extra components is a really winner. If you have a pair of speakers with nothing to connect to them, the Stellar Strata is an amazing product.

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