Guten tag! Lindemann Audio

Guten tag! Lindemann Audio

In this modern age of technology, the importance of online music streaming cannot be ignored.

If you’re Spotify’s biggest user, or if you’ve built your record collection for decades (like me) there’s no denying that online streaming is the new face of music for most people.

And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, no matter how many records I buy, I will always want more, no matter how many CD’s I own, I know I’ll always find room for more – until I can’t. Streaming servers, for the most part, offer an entire collection without taking up any space, giving you access to almost any track, song, demo, or sample ever made.

The issue we are faced with as Hi-Fi enthusiasts is that most of our perfect sound is reliant on an analogue input, and many would believe that online streaming wouldn’t translate as well through their perfect setup.

This would normally be the case, if you didn’t have a Lindemann Musicbook Source to simply connect your Hi-Fi system to the world of online streaming.

Incredibly versatile, the Musicbook Source, allows inputs from LP’s or CD’s all the way through to streaming services or a music server while still delivering a brilliant sound quality.

The streamer was designed and manufactured in Germany, boasting an exceptional build quality, with simplistic, easy-to-use features. The processor inside the Musicbook Source along with the web update features mean this streamer is built with the future in mind.

Even if you prefer to get lost in the music yourself, the headphone amplifier of the Musicbook Source has a powerful output stage which can drive headphones from 16 to 200 ohms.

For an easier integration to your system, the MusicbookSource is also available with a built in CD drive, utilising the internal DAC and turning the streamer into a high-quality CD player.

The versatility of this product creates more potential for any setup, and all of the features included in the MusicbookSource mean that this product is so much more than just a streaming device.

A music streamer is becoming an essential in any audiophile’s setup, and the question is shifting from from ‘if’ you should own one, to ‘which one’ you should own. The Lindemann Musicbook Source is the perfect all-encompassing music streamer for both the Hi-Fi enthusiasts that love streaming online, and the classic audiophiles who don’t believe they need to – and to those audiophiles I say; this is the product that will change your mind.

Making the Lindemann stand out from the rest in this category are the fully German design and manufacture, resulting in great reliability and performance, a user interface and app that make sense and are well laid out. 

it called a Musicbook source because it’s the same dimensions as a hardback book, allowing it to fit into anyone’s home, unlike a lot of audiophile kit that becomes the focus of the room and when coupled with its matching 250watt amplifier it becomes a very versatile, compact and an excellent audiophile and music lover’s solution. 
capable of driving all kinds of speakers from compact speakers in the study to the floor standers of your music den.

The built in pre-amp has 2 analogue inputs plus a mm phono input for a turntable, plus 2 digital inputs for the TV, it also has a USB input for connection to a hard drive which it will index through the built in server to play all your digital music files. The built in CD player reduces the need for additional kit to be connected to the system. While the high performace headphone output ensures you have all the versatility you need for the home or home office.

Do yourself a favour and please consider the Lindemann Musicbook before purchasing any music streaming product, it is a contender and a real challenger in the category 

In stock Now! With more stock flying in.

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