Welcome Gershman Acoustics!

Welcome Gershman Acoustics!

I am pleased to welcome Gershman Acoustics as one of the latest brands to join my brand catalogue at HeyNow Hi-Fi. Designing and manufacturing loudspeakers since 1993, this Canadian speaker brand creates loudspeakers that deliver a natural sound, beautifully reproducing audio the way the artist intended it.

Gershman speakers are incredibly natural. In fact, they pride themselves on being as true to the original source as possible, not hiding the fact that their speakers will not provide any extra ‘bells and whistles’, ‘ear piercing details’, or ‘sound bouncing all over your room’. Instead Gershman speakers have been built by music lovers, for music lovers who want to hear their audio as pure as possible.

This can be seen in Gershman’s Studio II bookshelf speakers - both the entry point to the brand, and one of the most acclaimed speakers for their price point. With a deep bass and a warm mid-range these speakers are incredibly versatile with enough substance to perform in any room.

One of the members of the HeyNow Community sat down last week to listen to the pair of Grand Studio's I have in my showroom before writing the following review:


"Let me be the first one on here to say that I had the pleasure of having a listen to these speakers through the week. And to say that I had to pick my jaw up out of my lap would not be an unrealistic statement. They are absolutely stunning to look at, and the lower octave response is just nothing short of mind-boggling, it really does defy logic.But these things are no one trick pony. The mid range and Upper frequencies are beautifully dealt with. They are very analogue smooth sounding speakers with all the detail and accuracy one could ever want.If you're looking for a stand mount speaker that behaves like a full range floorstander, go and pay Geoff a visit at HeyNow Hi-Fi. I strongly recommend you audition these speakers before you make any decisions about a purchase". - Shane

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