Your favourite KLH speakers have been re-imagined!

If you’re familiar with KLH you’ll undoubtedly be familiar with their most notable product: the Model Five loudspeaker, as it's one of the most sought-after speakers for those passionate about Hi-Fi. Those who follow KLH closely may have heard rumours that this iconic speaker was going to be re-visited, re-imagined, or even re-vamped…

Well the moment is here! 

KLH have officially announced the upcoming release of their new gorgeous Nordic Noir Finish across their Model collection of speakers – and yes that includes the pinnacle of classic Hi-Fi, the Model Five!

Both the KLH Model Five and Model Three will both be available in this rich black genuine wood finish, and each will be shipped wearing the lovely Medici Grey Linen grille cloth. This dark, daring finish will exude a polished, modern appearance, providing the perfect solution for all music lovers, no matter the look of their listening space.

It is no secret that KLH’s award-winning Model Five’s and Model Three’s have state-of-the-art sound, but they continue to serve state-of-the-art looks with the new Nordic Noir finish.

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