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A quick overview of the Euphonious rack from AG Lifter.


Quieter background,

An open musical presentation,

Deeper, tighter and increased defined bass notes,

Organic and natural textures,

Increased weight and scale to the sound stage,

Increase in detail in all frequencies.

AG Lifter Crescendo 4 Shelf Isolation Rack

The AG Lifter philosophy is the Crescendo Isolation Rack is the foundation of your Hi Fi System. It is the essential first building block to measure your Hi Fi Equipment and future investments.

What our philosophy means is implementing the AG Lifter Crescendo Isolation Rack in your system will reduce harmonics which cause blurriness, harsh and hard edges to your music. This will then provide a wide, open, detailed, textured sound stage with extended deep bass response, compared to standard racking systems or furniture. Its elegant design is aesthetically pleasing, making your listening environment look spacious and contemporary.


Euphonious Rack

The AG Lifter Euphonious Rack provides a detailed and life like sound stage. It will outperform any standard or custom cabinetry and racking systems. This may be one of your best investments you make in Audio. The AG Lifter Euphonious Isolation Rack, only surpassed by the AG Lifter Crescendo Isolation Rack is an industry breakthrough offering a truly isolated upgradable audio racking system as an affordable product in the AG Lifter Range

Crescendo Power Amplifier Stand

The AG Lifter Crescendo Amplifier Stand is our ultimate design based on the proven Crescendo Audio Isolation Rack. To take full advantage of your AG Lifter Crescendo Amplifier Stand the frame design allows the adjustment of each isolation foot for the architecture of the power amplifier placed on the stand. This adjustment pays dividends to the overall end performance of the amplifier stand.

The racking frame is constructed from proprietary designed aluminium extrusion (ISO 9001) and anodised in silver or black satin durable finishes. Match anodised billet aluminium caps are permanently pressed into the vertical pillars. This quality of manufacture has allowed AG Lifter to offer a lifetime frame warranty. Custom frames may be ordered for any dimension of power amplifier or mono power amplifiers.

Euphonious Amplifier Stand

The AG Lifter Euphonious Amplifier Stand is custom designed for the weight and dimensions of most heavy weight Power Amplifiers and Power Conditioners/Regenerators. The AG Lifter Euphonious Amplifier Stand will improve the performance of your Power Amp/Conditioner/Regenerator by lowering the noise floor creating a blacker background. This will result in increased openness, detail and bass response; all the same advantages of the signal and source level components on the AG Lifter Euphonious Rack.

Crescendo H-Frame Module

The AG Lifter Crescendo H-Frame module fits on-top of any AG Lifter rack and is the ultimate design based on the proven AG Lifter Crescendo Audio Isolation Rack. An extra layer of decoupling and isolation is now available for you premium source components. The AG Lifter Crescendo H-Frame module allows adjustment parameters to align the AG Lifter isolation feet with the audio equipment and tension the rack frame to provide fine tuning sonically. This adjustment pays dividends to the overall end performance.

Dulcet 19 GOLD Isolation Feet

AG Lifter have just released the gold series isolation foot Dulcet 19 GOLD, technology built upon our traditional designs. This foot incorporates billet brass CNC machined upper and lower components and a revised rubber centre section. This is a no expense spared high performance build; some raw materials are five times the cost of the standard foot. Why did we do this, simply because it produces better music! A clearer, tighter and more detailed sound, particularly midrange resolution, very natural tones and textures, sound staging is scaled to size and show’s exceptional depth of field layering the instruments, while retaining excellent bass response.

A uniquely formulated clear coat is applied to the brass components of the Dulcet 19 Gold isolation feet before assembly. The clear coat comprises of a two pack epoxy clear primer with fine gold metal flakes and UV additives for a highly presentable and a highly durable finish.

Dulcet 20 GOLD Isolation Feet
The Dulcet 20 Gold isolation feet can be used individually for audio components on furniture with an operating range exceeding 20kg. The effective load rating for the Dulcet 20 Gold Isolation Feet is suited to heavy weight audio components such as Power Amplifiers, Power conditioners/regenerators etc. The Dulcet 20 Gold Isolation Feet are the foundation of all AG Lifter isolation racks.

Dulcet 19 (small) Isolation Feet


  • Total Height just over 32mm for Dulcet 19 Isolation Feet
  • Dulcet 19 Feet are suitable for Components weighing up to 20kg
  • Black Anodized Billet Aluminium Componentry
  • 100% natural nitrile rubber isolation
  • Custom formulated Nitrile rubber
  • Stainless Steel 316 ball


Dulcet 20 (large) Isolation Feet


  • Total Height just over 38mm for Dulcet 20 Isolation Feet
  • Dulcet 20 Feet are suitable for Components weighing over 20kg
  • Black Anodized Billet Aluminium Componentry
  • 100% natural nitrile rubber isolation
  • Custom formulated Nitrile rubber
  • Stainless Steel 316 ball


TurnTable Isolation Feet
The Turntable Isolation System is made from a custom nitrile developed to remove resonances between 2-20 Hz. This Isolation System enhances the performance of your table by floating the turntable’s plint on the shelf. This three-layer isolating material is specifically designed to interlock, using conical raised surfaces at different heights, to support the plinth and to contact your shelf. A rubber bearing shaped centre section interlocks the upper and lower isolating sections. The Turntable Isolation System comes in a set of four feet


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brilliance in isolation

AG Lifter is powered by AE Gil Technologies, a 100% Kiwi Owned and Operated engineering-based company, born of over 35 years’ experience in industrial engineering, design and automation, with engineering capabilities extending into category one motorsport. Andre and Vanessa Gil, Company Directors and avid music lovers, created AG Lifter out of passion for high quality audio reproduction and New Zealand made products by like-minded Kiwi Companies.

AG Lifter Mk 1 Isolation Foot was born, on completion the proto-type was tested and performed favourably. This was the driver toward understanding the problems present in the Audiophile’s listening environment. Now we have arrived at Mk 6, this product alone, went through over 40 changes from its conception. Through extensive research and development, we reached our goal.

Sometimes the most amazing products are born when a ‘perfect storm’ of conditions comes together at the right time and place. In the case of the superb AG Lifter range of isolation devices, we can be thankful that the creators happened to have both a passion for music and decades of experience in mechanical engineering, including solving resonance issues across a broad spectrum of industrial applications.

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I am concerned about overseas parity pricing

So am I! I want the best deal for my clients and customers. I think that if the pricing model that a distributor or manufacturer uses doesn’t work for global sales then they need to negotiate harder before choosing to import a product. We live a long way from the rest of the world and therefore there are considerations to contemplate before you come up with your final price from an overseas retailer. Firstly, there is the cost of shipping, which has gone up considerably thanks to additional global demand for consumer items and the ships and planes are at a premium and charging accordingly. Next the pricing in the US never includes TAX. This is always added at point of sale and is always an additional charge when shopping in the US. The US works on state taxes which means the tax can vary dramatically from state to state up to approximately 15%. The next consideration is warranty and therefore the issue of the local distributor who has made no money from your transaction and is not interested or obliged to fix your faulty overseas purchase. This is obviously a risk you can take in an educated manner some things have less risk of failure than others and all products come into Australia with no warranty – this is added by the distributor as it’s their risk – this does have a financial cost to protect you. Australia has some of the best consumer protections in the world.

Next is the insurance liability of shipping these products around the world. Manufacturers and Distributors have ways to pack containers with product and safety mechanisms in place when they airfreight sensitive parcels, unlike an opportunistic retailer with a cheap price overseas price, who may send it cheaply and as you’re trying to save a couple of hundred may not pay for freight insurance and then you’re stuck – this is another factor on the cost of reaching our parity figure.

Next is customs and GST. When you import anything above the threshold, the Australian government wants their pound of flesh. You must pay for customs clearance and GST on your purchase – yes you may think there are ways around this but, not if you get caught...

So, with all these considerations in place HeyNow Hi-Fi does all it can to offer products that come as close to overseas parity pricing as we can. If you think you like a product, which has a cheaper retail price overseas than here, please reach out to me and I will see what can be done to help you to buy it locally and with the full support of the Australian distributor.

You have a lot of brands on your website...

Yes, I do. And I intend to grow my portfolio too. The reason for this is that you, the consumer, the music lover, will have spent a lot of time reading reviews and working out what you are interested in. Then you can call your regular Hi-Fi store who probably knows less about what you’re interested in than you do, because you’ve watched every YouTube clip and read every review about it; but they have a special on something they’ve got in stock or which they believe is right for you, or maybe they don’t know anything about the upcoming game changing product you’ve dedicated every night before bed for a fortnight reading about, and then they try to talk you out of it, talking about reliability or poor sound or paid reviewers getting a kickback.

I respect your time and research as well as your desire to try something new or different and am as excited about the next new product rather than the brand we’ve sold for the last 40years. I’m as excited to hear about how it works in your system as you are too. I love new toys and never want to miss out on the next great technology, I also want you to have a place where we learn together. I have over 30years experience in the Hi-Fi industry and have sold some of the most amazing new technologies – The first Philips wide screen 32inch TV in 1991, Laser Disc players in 1988, the first Sony PS1 in 1993 with ridge racer on a rear projection TV, the first Fujitsu Plasmas PDS4201 in 1997 and the first Sonos Systems nearly 20 years ago. I must be open to new technology – this can only happen by having as many amazing brands as possible on my website and available to you. I listen, I play. I understand and I consult with my experts to be able to offer you useful and helpful advice.

My goal is to offer you unbiased advice on Australia’s largest range of high-performance Hi-Fi, Home theatre and all the accessories and ideas that go with it.

What is the warranty on your products?

HeyNow Hi-Fi purchases all its stock from the authorised distributors. They determine the warranty period, terms and conditions. We have tried where possible to provide warranty length on each product page as a quick reference. All products also come with a warranty card in the box as provided and created by the supplier. Some of these documents are very official and stern. HeyNow Hi-Fi’s role in your potential warranty claim is to make this a more personalised and understanding process. If you have a warranty claim the best thing to do is email hello@heynowhifi.com.au with the details of the issue. Please note that adding a contact number makes communication much easier. Depending on what the issue is we will suggest a few troubleshooting ideas, understanding: of course, that you will have tried many ideas before contacting us so we will probably just suggest what you’ve already tried. From there we can work out numerous solutions to get your product fixed quickly, including sending you to the repairer with it, get you to ship it to our warehouse or to the distributor, or sending out a service technician. Note that shipping, transportation costs and installation are not covered by warranty. Unless of course the issue is an installation issue as a result of our installing your system in which case you are covered .

We will get your product fixed a quickly as possible, bearing in mind that all repairers are third party to us and we have no control over their schedules and parts availability. HeyNow Hi-Fi’s role is to make you as comfortable as possible and hopefully keep the music playing in your house while your product is being repaired.

How do I get a quote and advice from HeyNow Hi-Fi?

The best way to get advice from us is to call me, on either 0415668307 or 03 95250022.

You can also email me on geoff@heynowhifi.com.au , please do include a contact phone number as it is much easier for me to call you back and advise you than sending back and forth emails in the hope that I’m offering you the advice you need.

If you just want a price or price match the easiest way is to call me or text me through the icon at the bottom right of the website. Just copy and paste the link from my website for the item you are interested in and simply ask what price or ask me to match a price. Unlike many of my competitors I am happy for you to tell me the price you want – I can say yes or no.

If you want a quote on a system, please outline what you’re hoping to achieve, provide enough detail so I understand the scope of the works. Let me know where you are geographically and importantly again, please provide a contact number. I can learn a lot more about how to help you in a phone call than trying to put an email quote back to you without conversation.

Please remember there is only one Geoff, and I am trying to help a lot of people, I have a great team around me – including Australia’s best audio distributors, my amazing installation team and my incredible website and administration team. We can absolutely build the system of your dreams; we just need to work together.

Can you design a home theatre system for me?

Yes! I have many years’ experience in this sector f the market. I understand all the technologies of surround sound, HDMI. 4K, HDR etc. I work with the best leading brands of surround sound AV receivers, disc players and streamers, speakers, screen and projectors and televisions.

I can design your room, your acoustics, the step for your second row of seats, the blinds, even the lights. My team can work with your builder to do as much or as little as you want us to.

We can provide you with a programmed control system with a remote or iPad or better still, both. The control can operate the whole audio/ visual system, the lights, lower the blinds as well as make your home secure with cameras and alarm systems which can be monitored remotely.

I personally love home theatre and enjoy watching movies and on demand TV shows as often as I can. I favour many genres including Sci-Fi, Drama, comedy, Horror, action and but certainly not limited to effects laden blockbusters. I love a good story and great acting and really appreciate the artform.

I want you to get the maximum excitement for the money spent. I think that some of the component parts of a Home theatre system are technological rather than performance based and therefore within a budget – If there is one. – There are some things you’ll keep forever and others that should be changed to keep up with technology – highlighting those areas can save unnecessary costs and compromises. Talk to me about your home theatre desires, I’m sure together we can make a great movie space in your home.