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When Sony needed to transform SACD from an intriguing concept into a sonic reality, they turned to one of the world’s leading experts in digital converter design: Ed Meitner.

In those early days, Ed’s EMM Labs worked hand-in-glove with Sony and Phillips to refine what was possible from the format and to establish the unparalleled sonic purity for which SACD is now known.

The company soon developed the first complete multichannel DSD playback system from disc to preamplifier. And quickly became one of the industry’s most respected makers of high-resolution audio recording and playback products. These distinctions were achieved by the unique amalgam of talent assembled by EMM Labs—physicists, engineers and music lovers alike—working as a team to create the most faithful music production and reproduction equipment available.

Today, EMM Labs converter systems are the de facto DSD reference of the recording industry. Currently, almost every new SACD in production is being made with their DSD converters. EMM Labs is bringing the same peerless level of performance into audiophile homes throughout the world. Their latest products are designed for a wide variety of applications and are, without question, the most sophisticated expression yet of EMM Labs innovation and technology.

Their partner company Meitner Audio incorporates that cutting-edge technology into a range of innovative, accessible & exciting products. Meitner Audio’s company statement expresses their objective perfectly:

“As we enter our new Roaring Twenties, high-end audio is often not deemed a decent value proposition. It could take the price of a car to buy great sound. Perhaps it always has, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Our goal, at Meitner Audio, is to make truly high-end audio more accessible to more people. Having access to the ground breaking technology developed by EMM Labs, we’re uniquely positioned to realise that goal.”

Ed Meitner is considered to be a living legend among the audiophile and professional recording communities alike for his contribution to the pursuit of high quality music reproduction. EMM Labs and Meitner Audio work together to bring the results of this unrivalled technology to our homes. How often do we have an opportunity to use equipment made by the very person who brought DSD technology to life and has led the way for DAC technology development.

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