Amphion Krypton3X Floorstanding Speakers (pair)
Amphion Krypton3X Floorstanding Speakers (pair)
Amphion Krypton3X Floorstanding Speakers (pair)


Amphion Krypton3X Floorstanding Speakers (pair)

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Amphion Krypton3X Floorstanding Speakers (pair)


22 Saint Kilda Road

Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

22 Saint Kilda Road
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Country of origin: Finland

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Floorstanding loudspeaker

  • Three-way design configuration with two midranges (or two mid-woofers) in a cardioid enclosure placed vertically above-and-below the tweeter, operating in parallel for a three-way crossover.

  • Highly innovative cardioid midrange allows Krypton3 to perform well in small rooms, close to big windows, and under other acoustic irregularities that other traditional speakers cannot cope with.

  • Incorporates U/D/D – Uniformly Directive Diffusion – technology to help speakers keep their clarity and naturalness, and reduce unwanted sound reflections from both side and back walls.

  • Side-mounted woofers (in a vented enclosure) so speakers can be positioned with the woofers facing either inside (for a standard room placement) or outside (for a broader soundstage).

In detail

A dream worth pursuing

With a plethora of high-end speaker brands in the marketplace, the music connoisseur or home theatre devotee faces a range of selection challenges as they navigate through the multitude of models and the many claims of ‘best sound’. Firstly, in this quest for the audio ‘holy grail’, it is important to define what is meant by ‘best sound’. For example, is it the unit that rounds-up the recording – masking its defects – while delivering a ‘pleasant’ end-product for the ears though far from the original? Alternately, is it a detailed, revealing, and emotionally engaging sound that communicates the artist’s true intent? Secondly, we need to consider how these speakers fit into our listening environment. Are they too large or too small for our room? How would they behave given the room’s acoustics? Will they sound equally as good if we change the room or even change the house?

Amphion Loudspeakers addresses these issues through its Krypton3. This has been an ongoing project over a period of more than 15 years of development and refinement. The updated Krypton3 is a highly innovative three-way reference speaker, and the successor of the multiple award-winning former namesake – the Krypton2. Now the Krypton3 makes it possible for listeners to enjoy full-range, realistic-level orchestral performances without owning a concert hall – right in the middle of their own living room.

The updated Krypton3 employs a completely redesigned crossover, utilizing Amphion’s revolutionary approach in its implementation. This development was originally introduced in the company’s studio monitor line, where the accuracy of reproduction and detail are of extreme importance. The highly innovative cardioid midrange integrated into Krypton3 loudspeakers allows them to perform exceptionally well – even in small rooms or close to large windows. Krypton3’s unique design means the room’s acoustics are irrelevant, as the unit can easily deal with any sonic irregularities which traditional speaker-designs cannot cope with.

Krypton3’s design further minimizes unwanted reflections from both the side and back walls (by up to 20 dBs), so that you hear less of the room and more of the speaker. The unique crossover approach, together with the new double-vented tube and proprietary papyrus 8” midrange, convey the musical message better than ever before. The midrange clarity and waveguide, coupled with the power and immediacy achieved by the large cone area of the two 8″ units, are capable of moving huge amount of air while preserving the nuances.


User experiences

High-quality stereo

“This system does everything right to my ear.”

Mike Kirkham, Magenta Audio, Australia

High-quality stereo

“Wonderful sound from the Nordics.”

Anonymous customer, Hong Kong

High-quality stereo

“My oasis, a place of calm in an otherwise very hectic life.”

Phil, Australia

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Media reviews

“The Krypton3s really are spectacular…”

“…remarkable indeed in their spatial presentation, superb in perceived resolution, ultra-low in distortion even at enormous volumes (they will play loud!), and almost completely free of coloration arising from off-axis irregularities. It all adds up to remarkably realistic sound”

“I found the whole experience fascinating. I pulled out many of my old favorite recordings just to see how they would turn out when given this kind of convincing clarity of both the music itself and the space around, many more than were called for in preparation of the review as such”

Robert Greene, (TAS 223)

“Most surprising demo I heard at the show!”

“The system was astonishingly brilliant and transparent, yet smooth and effortless at the same time. I was able to achieve the organic emotionality that I listen for but never expected to hear at a trade show.”

Clement Perry, Carlos Sanchez


“它的低頻就好像吃了不會膩的東坡肉,又軟又Q,量感很夠,很有彈性, 又不會渾,可以聽出低頻的解析力。”

感謝劉總編對Krypton 3的精髓詳細介紹 音響論壇 362期 P166~P172

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溫暖開闊又寬鬆的芬蘭之聲試聽Amphion Krypton 3旗艦喇叭

開闊又寬鬆,堪稱最具代表性的「芬蘭之聲」。假如您擁有夠大的聆聽空間,想找音樂能量充沛的大型喇叭,Krypton 3值得列入試聽考慮名單。

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Krypton3 design and technology explained