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Floorstanding loudspeaker


  • Delivers the passion, power, and purity of the music through studio-quality knowhow.

  • Allows the music to speak for itself – not imposing any colouration on the so.

  • Remarkably low frequencies are due to the added volume of the floor stander.

  • Dynamic range and expansive soundstage is open and clear in mids, highs, and bass.

In detail

My philosophy is to make records that have a unique sound ~ Jack Joseph Puig

Following Amphion’s fast-growing popularity among the world’s top audio engineers, we decided to apply this know-how to our home audio products. We believe that the quality of the speakers used for enjoying music at home should not be any different to professional studio monitors from which it was created.

Argon3LS ‘floorstanders’ integrate real studio technology, possessing all the virtues and qualities of Amphion’s studio monitors – such as spacious 3D imaging, extreme detail, wide sweet spot, and phenomenal musicality. The remarkably low frequencies that Argon3LS loudspeakers generate are due to the added volume of the ‘floorstander’, allowing the listener to better connect physically with the music.

Pushing the limits of acoustic design helps us keep the product electrically simple. The result is not only increased resolution but also enhanced clarity and balance at low listening levels. This allows the Amphion listener to enjoy the speakers in those moments when others are forced to revert to their headphones.

Argon3LS ‘floorstanders’ are transparent and elegantly honest home audio loudspeakers. They provide you with an exquisite listening pleasure, revealing details and nuance that you have never heard before, even in recordings that you know by heart. Argon3LS speakers bring the music to your home environment the way the producer and the artist intended it.



Argon family design and technology explained


Media reviews

Amphion Argon-3LS: Âm thanh tự nhiên ẩn trong cặp loa tầm trung

“Vì vậy, người dùng có thể kê loa sát tường hoặc gần cửa sổ mà không phải bận tâm quá nhiều tới khả năng ảnh hưởng chất lượng tái tạo âm bass của Argon-3LS.”

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“Dieser Lautsprecher ist ein kompakter Schönling – man könnte ihn als Designwerk missverstehen. Doch bei aller Wohnraumtauglichkeit steht hier auch eine fantastisch klingende Box, die nicht seziert, sondern sich auf lustvolles Musizieren versteht. Die räumliche Analyse ist da, der Punch im Bass ebenfalls. Sehr dynamisch, sehr stimmig.”

❯ Read the review (3/2017)

User experiences

High-quality stereo

“Realistic soundstage and detailed reproduction.”

Jeff Berkin, United States

High-quality stereo

“The art of music gets beautifully justified.”

David Zells, Norway

High-quality stereo

“Perform well in our harsh-sounding living room.”

Anonymous user, The Netherlands

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Features & Specifications

Operating principle

Two-way, passive radiatior


1″ titanium tweeter

6½” aluminum woofer


22 kg (49 lbs)

Crossover point

1600 Hz


85 dB

Frequency response

30 – 25.000 Hz -6dB

Power recommendation

50 – 150 W

Handmade in Finland

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