Enjoying The experience of full sensory immersion in your very own cinema is hard to beat.Just Imagine watching your favourite movies, Netflix shows and sport on the big screen with your friends and family.

Professional Design

The key to a great system is in the preparation and design. If you’re building a new home or renovating or re-purposing a room for a home cinema then book a consultation with me. I offer professional cinema design, sound proofing, room acoustic treatment, smart control and the very best equipment on the market. I can also offer solutions in existing spaces like living or rumpus rooms and I will work with you to get the solution you want. I will listen to you and consider all the factors that are important to you, aesthetics, ease of use, future compatibility, budget and performance.

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Hidden Cinema Speakers

These days we don’t need to compromise the sound of our home cinemas to hide the speakers. Just like at the Pictures we now can hide our full performance speakers and subwoofers behind the screen and have no technology on display in the room. Among the benefits of this design is that the speakers are hidden behind the actors mouths creating a realism that draws you further into the movie.

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Surround sound modes?

What do they all mean and why do they keep adding extra ones and how many speakers do I really need? These are the questions I always get asked. The answer to all of these questions depends on you and the way you want to enjoy your experience. For most people a simple 5.1 system is incredible, for others a Dolby ATMOS system is the minimum they expect, Others will stop at nothing for a fully immersive experience with 32 speakers delivering the loudest explosions and quietest whispers into their sound proofed cinema. Book a consultation to see how i can help you get the home theatre experience you chose..

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THE AV Receiver

This is the most important component of any home theatre system. It is the heart which provides the power to drive the speakers, The AV receiver processing sends all of the right sounds to the correct speakers and all your video and audio devices connect through it. Choosing the right AV receiver is the difference between an enjoyable home theatre experience and a frustrating one. It is very important to choose the AV Receiver that suits your room, speakers and buying cycles. Call me for reliable advice

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Immersive gaming

Gaming is a great way to use a home cinema room. The technology around gaming comes faster than either Movies or TV so you get to enjoy the improved resolution and surround modes sooner. The immersive experience of playing a driving simulator and other games is like reality. Have 9 speakers, 2 subwoofers, Dolby ATMOS on a 4k projector all blasting through a 100” screen in a sound proofed room is a great way to relax after a long week with your mates or family. I even supply racing car consoles that hold your steering wheel and pedals. I have an XBOX ONE on permanent demo in my showroom to demonstrate this experience. It is a lot more fun than listening through headphones.

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What Services does HeyNow Hi-Fi offer

HeyNow Hi-Fi can provide all you home theatre needs including projectors, screen, AV receivers, bluray players, all kinds of speakers in all shapes, sizes and performance levels, home automation systems, lighting plans. I can also build sound proofed room and design and supply room acoustic panels. I have a huge range of Home cinema seats recliners and authentic multiplex style seats. I design, quote , provide, install and program your system to perform with simplicity. I work with a team of the best installers and programmers in Melbourne to provide a turn key solution for you.

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I offer consultations in my St Kilda showroom or, if you prefer, I can to come to your home.

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You don’t need to be building a new room or home to get the best from HeyNow Hi-Fi. I also offer upgrades to existing systems. I supply all the best brands on the market in projectors, screens, AV receivers including Denon, Yamaha, Marantz, integra. I have most of the best brands of speakers including REvel, KEF, Amphion, ProAudio, Sonance, too many to list.

I can upgrade your AV receiver, TV set, projector, bluray player speakers. Get in touch, I’m here to help you get the very best from your home theatre system.

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