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When you’ve owned a Loewe TV you can’t enjoy other Televisions. The depth of picture that looks three dimensional and makes you want to look around the corner, the natural colour that reminds you of springtime in your youth, the clear detailed sound from the in-built forward firing speaker. Loewe TVs are just so easy to immerse yourself in whatever you’re watching and the simple elegant aluminium remote makes using the TV effortless.

A television for everyone. 

Whether in a terrace or in the light-flooded, spacious loft. Watch TV from bed, while cooking or in the living room. Alone, together, as a family or with friends. Thanks to various set-up solutions, color variations and inch sizes - in 65 “(OLED), 55“ (OLED), 49 “(LCD) or 43“ (LCD) - Loewe bild 3 integrates into every lifestyle. State-of-the-art OLED technology and the latest LCD displays for an impressive viewing experience.

designed to complEment your living space

Loewe Televisions are designed with you in mind. beyond the amazing, picture, sound, control they also are designed to suit your living space elegantly. Loewe offers a range of mounting solutions, table stands, wall mounts and very stylish speakers to enhance the in-built sound experience. No other brand offers so much flexibility in their television line up.

What’s on the telly?

More than ever the reason to buy a premium TV is at your fingertips. There s so much content that your new television can become your teacher, travel guide, historian, and all round entertainer. Your new Loewe TV is compatible with Netfix movies, Apple TV, on demand TV and even YouTube for amazing documentaries, using your remote control or phone you can see the whole world from your armchair in amazing depth, natural colour and realistic sound. unleash your imagination.

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