Hana: Precision Craftsmanship, Captivating Sound

Crafted for Audiophiles:

Hana cartridges are meticulously crafted to bring out the best in your vinyl collection. With a commitment to precision engineering and sonic excellence, Hana cartridges offer audiophiles a captivating listening experience that transcends expectations.

Japanese Heritage:

Rooted in Japanese craftsmanship and engineering, Hana cartridges embody a tradition of excellence that dates back decades. Drawing upon a legacy of innovation and meticulous attention to detail, Hana cartridges are designed to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability.

Impeccable Design:

Each Hana cartridge is meticulously designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality and precision. From selecting materials to the assembly process, every step is carefully executed to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Superior Sound Quality:

Hana cartridges are renowned for their exceptional sound quality, offering audiophiles a level of clarity, detail, and dynamics that is second to none. Whether you're listening to classical music or rock, jazz or blues, Hana cartridges faithfully reproduce the nuances and subtleties of the original recording, allowing you to experience your favourite music in all its glory.

Explore the Hana Collection:

Hana ML Series: The ML series offers a perfect balance of performance and value, making it an ideal choice for entry-level and seasoned audiophiles.

Hana SH Series: The SH series takes performance to the next level, with enhanced dynamics and resolution that will satisfy even the most discerning listeners.

Hana M Series: The M series represents the pinnacle of Hana's cartridge lineup, with state-of-the-art materials and construction techniques that deliver unparalleled performance and fidelity.

Experience Hana at HeyNow Hi-Fi:

Why choose Hana cartridges at HeyNow Hi-Fi?

Precision Craftsmanship: Meticulously designed and manufactured to the highest standards.

Japanese Heritage: Built upon a legacy of innovation and excellence in craftsmanship.

Superior Sound Quality: Renowned for exceptional clarity, detail, and dynamics.

Explore the Hana Collection: From entry-level to high-end, there's a Hana cartridge for every audiophile.

Elevate your vinyl listening experience with Hana cartridges. Explore the precision craftsmanship and captivating sound of Hana at HeyNow Hi-Fi.



"The Hana EL is truly a remarkable cartridge, and in combination with The Classic, makes for a compelling and world-class analog playback system."

-Positive Feedback

"The Hana cartridge is the best cartridge I have ever owned. I have been using my Hana almost every day for hours, so there is probably well over 1,500 hours on it."


"..the Hana MH is manufactured to a very high standard. Electrically, it is perfect."

-Needles and grooves

"HANA MH and ML got through all my tests with flying colours and left very little to be desired. More importantly, their performance was such that they made me look at my vinyl collection with new eyes, almost as if I just got my first records."

-Soundstage Australia



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