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About the brand

華 Hana

"Brilliant And Gorgeous"

Excel Sound Corporation developed the HANA moving coil cartridge range, combining their 50 years’ cartridge design and manufacturing expertise with modern manufacturing technologies; using high quality materialstogether with long established hand assembly techniques for best quality. Excel Sound is proud to offer Hana as the embodiment of brillianceand beauty to value-seeking music lovers around the world, who demandthe finest analog reproduction.

A fortunate encounter with Excel Sound = Hana

It was more than fortunate to have met Masao Okada-san, founder of Excel Sound almost 40 years ago and then in 2015, to have him develop the Hana line of moving coil cartridges for our exclusive export. We are privileged to be partners with Excel Sound and without our long-standing friendship, Hana moving coil cartridges would never have been launched.

Hana moving coil cartridges are affordably priced and supply the most “Brilliant and Gorgeous” performance to audiophile customers for their budget.

The biggest advantage of Hana cartridges is “the best Performance for the price”.

The “Brilliant and Gorgeous” Hana sound comes from superb design, engineering excellence and 40 years of hand assembling knowhow, continuously improved in-house from 1970 by the Excel Sound Cartridge Master - Masao Okada-san, who began researching phono cartridge design in 1964 and who’s skills and expertise has been transferred to the artisans employed by Excel Sound who build the Hana cartridges.

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